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LOS ANGELES, CA - What is the “body, mind and spirit” approach to fashion? It dresses and addresses the total woman.

If a woman feels that her spirit needs fine-tuning, the Dress Me Now system points her body, mind and spirit in the right direction. Dress Me Now! gives women control of their style from head to toe and everything in between – her career goals, lifestyle, self-esteem, age, race etc. The building blocks that make the total woman.

This is the approach taken by Shirley Pierce and Janet Behmer, co-authors of the book "Dress Me Now!" which is subtitled "How to Make Your Wardrobe Behave". Their philosophy is not about fixing body “flaws”. It’s about celebrating women and all the beautiful shapes, colors and sizes they come in. Shirley says, “It’s about the beauty we were all born with and shining a light on it so that outside we reflect the wonderful creatures that we are inside.”

Why do Shirley and Janet believe in a total self-empowerment approach for women who want to look and feel their best?

The Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders reports these statistics:

· 25% of college-aged women engage in bingeing and purging as a weight-management technique.

· 95-98% of people on diets gain the weight back (and more) within 3 years.

· The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females.

Obviously women need as much help with attitude as they do with style. Shirley says, “We believe that how the average woman looks has nothing to do with ‘who’ wore ‘what’ to the Oscars, what is trendy or what is the ‘new’ black. It has nothing to do with what supermodel is bingeing and purging her way down the runway this fashion season. It has everything to do with what a woman knows about herself and her body and how she sees herself and the world in which she lives.

Janet and Shirley break down the “body, mind and spirit” approach this way:

Body - Dress Me Now! is about making a woman look her best, which means understanding how to focus on what the “eye” can see. Clothing and body shape are the basis of a woman’s image. Her lifestyle, her health, her race and her age complete the total picture. Like no other fashion book, Dress Me Now! deals with all these elements to help a woman look and feel her best.

Mind – Knowledge is power. A woman who feels good about who she is has already won the battle of presenting a dynamic image to the world. Dress Me Now! helps a woman to take control by giving her knowledge about many of the things that affect her view of who she is and how she sees herself in the world. It teaches her not to look to the media or the outside world to define herself but to look within.

Spirit - Dressing a woman’s spirit is just as important as her body. When a woman looks within, she has to like who she sees. If she doesn’t, Dress Me Now! guides her to the answers she needs to lift her spirits. More than anything, a woman needs to feel beautiful inside. When a woman’s self esteem is a “10”, the clothing she wears is icing on the cake.

Dress Me Now! not only gives women the tools they need to take control of their outward appearance, it also gives them the boost they need to present themselves to the world with confidence and pride.

"Dress Me Now: How to Make Your Wardrobe Behave" is published by Higher Ground Media, an Australian group. It has 250 illustrated pages and the downlaod price is $9.95. It is available on-line at http://www.DressMeNow.com

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Well, this is a first. The Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Club is holding a contest to pick their Miss L.A. Galaxy. Why is this news on our site? Because in addition to the usual categories like Sportswear and Eveningwear, The Galaxy are showing they “get it” when it comes to a woman's image by adding a new criteria for their contestants. They are looking for contestants who also have “inner” beauty. This means in addition to gravity-defying breasts, they also need to be grounded individuals who are positive thinkers with something to contribute to the world. How about that? They’re looking for women who have just as much going on “up top” as they do “up front”.

The other reason that it rates a special mention here is that our very own Shirley Pierce has been asked to be one of the judges of the contest. Normally, Shirley would run a mile from (and throw a few epithets at) anything that tries to pigeon-hole women by their looks. But any organization, like The Los Angeles Galaxy, should get kudos for taking a new look at women’s images and deserves a helping hand.


If you need proof that Dress Me Now has gone international, read on. We’d like to tell you about a career counselor in Pretoria, South Africa who thinks we have the right stuff. She helps women enter the workplace by teaching them how to write resumes and give great interviews. Because she also believes that a woman’s image is equally important, she came to us. (Note: We said “image” not “looks”). She checked out our website and book, Dress Me Now! and found the Dress Me Now system “informative and useful”, and will be using it in her workshops. We’re thrilled with this latest development. Who knows how far the DMN system can go? Today your closet. Tomorrow … the world.


Janet and Shirley were recently interviewed for a chapter on “Inner Beauty” in Oxmoor House’s upcoming beauty reference book for women called “Young For Life”. They share great tips and give good advice for women of all ages. Word of Shirley and Janet’s passion for our inner and outer beauty reached Oxmoor House, publisher for HEALTH Magazine, but Lifetime Television has also called on them as fashion experts for their show Speaking of Women’s Health. We DMN ladies are lucky. We can get their advice right here.


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